One Year On - Celebrate Moyameeha's life by reading some of his earliest works #FindMoyameehaa

A year has passed and Ahmed Rilwan AKA @moyameeha is still missing. Much has happened since in the Maldivian political spectrum, but absolutely no real progress seems to have been made on his whereabouts or the people behind his abduction. The Maldivian Police remains silent, and the government even more so. 

There is a lot I could write about his disappearance. The failings of the system. The institutionalized apathy and hatred towards those deemed "laadheenee" that was used to justify and belittle his life and abduction. Why his activism, writing and experiences as an ex-radical could have been conceived in so many ways as threats towards the enemies of liberty. Why his abduction may have been intended as a message towards anyone who was under the false impression that there is freedom of expression in the Maldives. 

But today I want to celebrate his life, his work. If these were the dark ages before the internet revolution this might have been impossible. His works may not have been that easily accessible. What remained may have been confiscated or otherwise made retrievable. Hidden as well as they have hidden the truth about his abduction. 

But no. We live in a different age and the relics who seek to keep us in the past are doomed to stay there. 

Moyameehaa is still alive. Legends never die. 

These are some of the best of his earliest works. I hope to see much more from him in the future. 


Thursday, August 11th 2005 - Moyameeha's blog goes live.

For a reference to how long ago that was, YouTube was founded on February 14th 2005. YouTube is only a 183 days older than Moyameeha's blog. Do you even remember what the internet was like before YouTube? 



Tuesday, December 13th 2005 - Aqeeqah Rituals 

Yesterday,I captured a hen being sacrificed (with my handphone’s video camera)
..( its the ritual of naming a new born baby on the seventh day ..or ‘aqiqa’ the early days of islam a goat or something like that is sacrificed....but the Maldivians who cannot afford or cannot find a goat in time ...always makes a sacrifice like this)...traditionaly this is a very big feast where people (relatives, friends,neighbours,poor people and others) are to be invited..but these days in Maldives (specially in Male’) we just perform the rituals and send the food in parcels (in Maldives its usually bondibaiy and kukulhumas-chicken.)packages to the people.(if u r in male’ just call +9607773240 to ‘faseyha point’ shakir to make arrangements for goats,bondibaiy packages with free delivery and all aqiqa stuff) This is very helpful coz every one is bz these days..but i think we cud still hold on to the traditional ways and sen parcels to people who cant come...
— Moyameehaa
And about this day being marked as the ‘Unity Day’.Its just another trick of the dictator gayom.He is trying to make the most of this ‘golden opportunity’...where every one goes hyper-emotional.He is trying to bring forward the nationalist propaganda..and picture himself as the leader...who will protect this ‘unity’..’which he describes is threatened by ‘some,very few people’..(reffering to the opposition MDP) or describes that as the unity ‘which have been among maldivians since the begining’...

but i wouldnt call..what we witnessed on the 26th of december 2004...national unity..or Islamic brotherly love or mere one can wait and see humans suffering like matter what country or what religion they belong to...Thats why the Maldivians watched live scenes of Iraq war,Srebrenica massacre (we donatedd for em..but the corrupt government swallowed all the money) and the recent hurricane katrina in America..we are concerned..because we are humane...
— Moyameehaa
Aishath Sudha (a neighbour of mine-so;i heard the story without the free-press a that time, also) died at the very young age of 17 on 26 August 1994 in Gaamaadhoo jail. She was serving a 12 years and 6 months sentence for using and possessing drugs . She was allegedly gang-raped (by gayom’s NSS militia) and left to die by the prison guards. Gayoom formed a Committee to investigate her death,but to this date its findings have been unknown. Sudha was not the only young person whose death in jail was silenced and who was tortured there are countless people around the country (like my friend mahir).

I have heard of it so much.people so close to me have suffered this brutality..even NSS staffs are said to be murdered the Militia under commands from higher leader...i have had enough of this gayom thing..and his prisons (no better than Abu Ghraib and he is no better than pol pot,Hitler or torturing their own citizens).There are special ‘cells’ (ya prison cells..i would call em) for punishing young children..this place is called Islaahiyyaa (literary-in arabic- meaning a rehabilitation centre )..i will be posting detailed stuff about it later..
— Moyameehaa

Note: The kinboo was recently shot dead

Saturday, November 25th 2006 - 1984

ive’ read it sometime back...and still i cant stop talking about it....1984 is a grrreat novel!...but not just a novel...its an allegorical political novel written by George Orwell (the author animal farm).its about a dictator and his brutal ways of ruling over a nation.and one man’s struggle for freedom. Orwellian society? Maldives cannot be considered as such a state or society yet?.buti think it was very close to it once, until one day things changed...but still the gayomic society resembles it (the orwellian society)...there cant be such an extreme society or dictator as in the book...but Gayom was very close to it.
— Moyameehaa
But i cant agree....Haveeru cannot be ‘sometimes biased’ and ‘sometimes unbiased’ in reporting and presenting the news,it has to be on either side...there is no standing in the middle! ....there’s a lot of coloring in haveeru reports...and it does not allow viewers to comment freely (on its online version).which is now in beta...and i say;the whole company is in a state of ‘beethaa’ for the last few years....that is from the time they got out from the lines of miadhu and aafathis (which are not popular and publishes only the news approved from the president’s office ).Now in this beethaa state, i have encountered a lot of problems in commenting on its online edition.

One day i wanted to comment and ‘Oh my God!’ there is no ‘comment on this article’ link in this very special news.Yes,it was a news article about gayom...well i was not going to write anything like ‘golhaabo isthiufaa’ or any base or unethical comment.i was trying to comment on what i thought about the article,but it seems he is far above that...he is in a position where the citizens cannot even comment about him...well atleast for this haveeru beethaa, he is god-like and resting in sidhurathul munthahaa!.
— Moyameehaa
So it is all about our economy?not is about pumping money in from the west and pumping em out to the swiss accounts of big fat businessmen and big bad politicians.Alcohol is also banned for Maldivians but Legal for tourists...and yeah...also topless dancers.but i DOOO think maldivians have a right to enjoy freedom of religion.It was Gayom who took away this freedom,and i want him to give it back!He have tortured Maldivian Christian converts and anyone who goes against ‘Golhaa Islam’ for almost 3 decades.its time we talk about these rights and question the crazy fatawaas given by uttama and gayom.And it is time we start thinking freely about EVERYTHINHG.what do you think?does maldives need freedom of religion?Is it just, to force all maldivians to be muslims when they are all not willing to?do we need to go for a referendum in deciding this?or should all the maldivians be barred from the right to freedom of religion.....and these rights be ‘sold’ only to those who can pay enough money?
— Moyameehaa
Gayom and his senior supporters all carried pistols when Gayyoom took his first oath as President on 11th of November 1978 and gayom himself have later admitted for this crime( mabodey vaan vegen karaa felhumuge thereygai). see this article in dhivehi (PDF)


On 3rd June 2005 political parties was allowed in maldives and Gayom was the second to make a political party and became its founder and zaeemu.

Article 33 of the Maldives consitution says: “The President shall be the Head of State, Head of Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Police of the Maldives”

Party Rules from the Home Ministry says on 5, alifu, and 5, vaavu, Police and NSS people cannot become a member of any political party.

So how can Gayoom, who is head of both Police and NSS (according to the Constitution), form a political party and be its zaeemu?(oh...and how can MDP talk to a ghairu gaanoonee party like DRP?...that’s what they are.any way,any how..they want...’something’)

— Moyameehaa
He was,and still is the favorite singer for thousands of Maldivians, especially among the older generations.We can see this by the fact that in TV programs like ‘Alhuganduge Hovun’ and Radio programs ‘Dhathuthuverinnaai eku’ almost all of the programs there would be a request for a song from Dhohokko be’. Most of the time they will say “Any song by Dhohokko be’ will be o.k for me!”.His songs were mostly romantic and love poetry.They were known for the good poetry and his own,unique style of performing.Even if his music were copied from hindi songs; he made it all (as he have said) ‘dhohokkobized’.He had a certain standard of performing, for example; he would refuse to perform, if he is not happy with the percussion section.There are very few people who are fit to be in his ‘band’.And about poetry, he was very concerned about maintaining the standard of his lyrics.They all had a touch of (not just a touch...a whole lot of em!) Urdu language.

Even today he is a favorite for many Maldivians; young and old ,though some youngsters find his music humorous,disgusting,not-music,not amilla raagu,out dated,not understandable....etc!

whatever. here are the songs.In the memory of Dhohokko be’ and his songs that entertained thousands of Maldivians.May his soul rest peacefully.Amen!
— Moyameehaa
For a long time these people have been ignored by the society,the government and also the media.Most people never cared about them, called them wahhaabees or haabees and made fun of (arguing with them is some kinda entertainmenty for most people) some of them who are always very much eager to preach their ‘message’.And the the government would every once in a while randomly arrest all ‘bearded’men and ‘face veiled’ women and sometimes torture them.The government found a useful enemy in them.Every now and then gayom would be preaching “some very few people among us do this and that in the name of islam...this is not like this. this is like that...dont worry i am here to protect and guide you”...but now we know this is more serious. more than what we thought.
— Moyameehaa
as a kid when my mom dictates that and when i myself recite it after her voice...i used to think of a bright golden light, a palace which is illuminated with a golden light... and it have some thingy hung somewhere in the middle of it ... and this light comes from it...and spreads to the whole palace, illuminating it...and then through a small window comes out and these needle-rays strike my chest (heart).....when the light touches me i can feel it.thats how it was to me, back then.thats what i felt about this thing.
— Moyameehaa
visited the place just when they discovered some corpses there .I heard that the research team will be leaving soon.that means the work will no be continued.Again after an year i went back to kaashidhoo and discovered that it was a play ground for children.they would go and pee in to the ancient well there.they would break parts of the historical remains of the temple(some kids even brought it to the house i was staying in).I was not shocked. because my house is not far from ali rasagefaanu Ziyaarai (in Male’) ,which was a junk heap until it was renovated and opened for tourists in October 2002.And he was mulim mujahid..... no wonder they wont give a damn about the remains of a Buddhist temple!!

There are several other Ziyaarais or shrines of Maldivian saints and heroes which have been neglected and even destroyed by the government.You all will know the area called Lonu ziyaarai kolhu, no more ziyaarai is there now.They even stopped Maldivian cultural festivals like Maaloodhu.My said that the giraavaru people practiced their traditional thaarajehun and vajidhuvun until it was banned by the government.

And then there is Dhivehi many words used in different islands..are lost day after day...i dont think any effort is made to collect these words and document em(even jaa have done more than what they do by giving us the radheed free).and i thnak and for all the information ive got from them about my country,its culture and heritage
— Moyameehaa
މިބަލާވެރިކަން! ، މިބަލާވެރިކަން!
މިބަލާވެރިކަން ނިމިދޭހެ ފިލާ؟
މިކަމުން މިންޖުވެ، އުޅެވޭހެ ހިލާ؟
މިކަމުން ދުވަހަކު، ނުވެވޭހެ ނަޖާ؟

ދާރުލް މި ފަނާ، ދާރުލް ހެ ބަލާ؟
ލެއްވީ މިއަޅާ ލިބުމަށްހެ ސަޒާ؟
ހޭތޮށަލި ދުޅައިން ނީދުނިޔެހިނގާ؟
ހޭމީ އެޖަހަންނަމު ތަ ބުނާ؟

ހޭނުލެވޭނެހެ މިކަމުން ނާމާން؟
ހޭނުވެވޭނެމި ހުރަގޭން މިނިވަން؟
ހޭނާރާނެ އިރެއް މިރެއަށް ކަޅުފޮއެ؟
ހޭމަންޒިލަކަށް ނުދެވޭނެ އަމާން؟

ބާރުންގަދަ ވީ ދަނޑިމާރުއަޅާ،
ވާށޭ މިނިވަން ވަގުތުން ހެވިލާ ،
ދާށޭ އަދުވީ މިދުނިޔެ އަޅާ!
އާނއޭ މިކަރަށް ދަންމަޅިމިމަހާ!
— މޮޔަމީހާ
There were thousands of results but what is commonly associated with maldives is tourism, not ever yesterday’s news was covered by hundreds of news outlets around the globe.This struck me so much.It have been sometime since we started to talk about terror minded narrow minded groups of saudi and pakistan educated (some even trained at Islamic military camps) growing in maldives.But we just talked, we didnt do any thing. now they have stricken. is this the beginning?no, this cant be, but we’ve got work to do.Leave the political fights aside and lets concentrate on this serious issue at hand.we should be united, not divided by this.
— Moyameehaa
It is the hypocrisy of Maldives government when it comes to religion ...that have created a breeding ground for jihadi islamic movements and islamic extremism in maldives.For example; we are told that we should follow Quran and Hadith...but we are lied about them.Lies which are so evident that even the kids will know some thing is wrong in those fatwas.Now when this happens children turns to islamic books or websites originating from saudi arabia or saudi funded groups, looking for answers.These will lay a foundation for the wahhabi islam.Now from this stage a person may develop in to anything...just a salafi,a follower of political islam (hizb-ut-tahrir/ikhwanul muslimeen?) or to a houri seeking jihadi muslim.I am not saying that it is their right to preach terrorism. but we cant define what the limits are ,as long as we try to strengthen the ‘islamic unity’ by force.Let it come by its own (if there is any such thing as an islamic unity) .

I think what we need to cultivate is not islamic unity and hatred for other religions.what we need is an free society, a free environment in which religious tolerance,humanism, and brotherhood would prosper.For this to happen we need social change as well as political change.To bring about this we need education,awareness,change of policies and a secular state or atleast a state with freedom of religion.A state which wouldn’t threaten to kill a person for choosing his or her own way of life or belief or for discussing a religious topic freely.Religion have to become more spiritual rather than being a ‘dividing-in-the-name-of-uniting’ force.Hate and violence would give nothing but hate and violence.The government should understand that these islamic groups too are maldivian citizens, faceveiled women and bearded men are our people..parents to our children...if you jail them beat them up just for what they believe or how they would be very unjust.I have known so far that .... two leaders of the dotcom group (the guys behind the bomb plot) have fled Maldives.This is what we need to concentrate on... bringing the violent and the terror breeding to justice and tackling the extremism problem ideologically.
— Moyameehaa
Maldives’ sexual network...
Ali Didi is a business man in Male’.He owns two toy shops in Majeedhee magu.This guy who is in his 40’s lives in Male’ but travels to bangkok frequently, on ‘business trips’.On these business trips he spend few days after his work is done just to enjoy.And every night he have an invited guest to sleep with him (sometimes licensed sometime illegal road prostitutes).

Ali Di’s brother Ibrahim Didi have recently returned to Maldives after 3 Years working as a seaman (what we call boattudhathurukurun). He really enjoyed it there, especially the sex.At brothels, and even from young prostitutes who come on board when they are at certain ports.Ibrahim Di went to his Island and started a business there, now with Ali Di’s help he can stay home with family and work there (thank you Ali Di).

Ibrahim Di’s Eldest son Vishah works in a Tourist Resort near the Capital Male’, he is now visiting his island.Working in a tourist resort is fun for Vishah.Working in the water sports section; he often creates close relationships with visitors and some staff (foreign and local) too...and ofcourse have great sex. Now that he is in his Island, he needs locals to replace those friends.He have a ‘serious girl friend’ there. But he also found this lady in her 30’s - married to a 50 year old fisherman- very interesting. Vishah now contacts a friend and gives her the message. Well... the next day at dawn just as the fishermen left for work...Vishah goes in to that house...and all the doors were open .... Bang bang! (gud that this time he did not have to go through the window as he does at midnight when he goes in to rooms the islands this is called meehunkairiahvanun, a very common thing).

Now, This fisherman husband of the lady... this pervert interested in children.He is able to lure some kidsn his island.But when he is in Male’ he always hires drug addict underage girls...and Bang Bang! of them was aazimaa. She has a boy friend (jawish) who is also a drug addict.But recently she have broken up with him ...after she discovered that she is in a ‘serious’ relation ship with zaahiya a 13 year old in Ameeniya.And yeah when Jawish’s gang have little stuff in store, and cant afford more...sometimes they make ‘heroin solution’ with lime and any other stuff they like.This solution is mixed and heated on a table spoon and injected...all using the same needle.

Ali Di’s wife lives in a small 3 room apartment in Maafannu ,with her children. Zahiya is the youngest of them.Then there is Fathin (the bisexual, who was caught under a staircase in Ameeniya with nasreena - Jawish’s new Gf.) and the eldest Rashida.Rashida left to SriLanka for higher education 2 years back. She lives in a two room Apartment with 3 other girls in Lanka. She dont have a serious boy friend now, but some ‘friends with benefits’. One of them she met last month from a Disco (it was ‘dhivehi ecstasy’..and yeah...ecstasy and other party drugs were used there) organized by the Maldivian students there.His name is Malli...Malli is very special for Rashida, but she don’t want to go into a serious relationship...but ehhe..ofcourse... there is Bang Bang!day and night!


Monica with whom Vishah once had sex had HIV.... who and who are at risk? or for example..Malli was infected? or someone else.... How many of them take safety measures? ...i dunno... if vishah gets married to that ‘serious’ he had at the island. what will happen? ...and make more possibilities for yourself.
— Moyameehaa
4 pedophiles (who gang raped a 12 year old after breaking in to her house breakin the window with an axe have been sentenced to 2 years banishment and 15 lashes. and our human rights (or is it prisoners’ rights) commision actually congratulated this . well... there was an improvement if you can call that; before this high court sentence (after an appeal) was even worse. then it was 8 months banishment only, for just ‘consensual sexual intercourse’!!!.... but congratulate?!! can we congratulate the rapists for just raping her and not murdering her afterwards?

and a lady who burned her 10 year old brother with a heated iron was sentenced to 6 months banishment.

These sentences are childabuse.
I believe that revealing the identity along with pictures of these rapists to the public is an important matter, and must be done so in the interest of the public. because we at least have a right to know rapists who are let loose, so that we may protect our children from them. And this is a responsibility of home ministry. but instead they even freaking helped them cover their faces from journalists, when taken in and out of justice building. but why is it? police often publicize pictures of people even before they have been sentenced, take for example the case of the sultan park terror attack and the recent vodka bust. how are these child molesters special?
— Moyameehaa
Though this is not a very civilized thing to do it indeed is/was a part of Maldivian culture, i should say. this is what a classic zuvaabu would look like. i just wanted to share this old (not so kool) custom of zuvaabu is uncommon nowadays. Parents would not send children to these zuvaabu scenes as it is usually an 18+ form of arguing, challenging and expressing anger, hatred, jealousy..or simply just mockery and angering the opponent. people say... that they even go to the extent when they would lift the kandiki (skirt) and hit on their private part and ..point at the opponent and say challengingly ; “mine is fairer than yours!”... as for guys they would also do same kinda thing by lifting their mundu (sarong) and hanging it on their head sometimes. It was earlier done in the form of raivaru poetry, which lead to the death of it as an art form...because it was used in this rise to a vulgar, abusive form of raivaru.

how uncivilized this may seem, it is far better than box cutter/sword attacks and home made bombs. maybe we could teach this to the whole world, so that it can replace war. then maldives could be the superpower maybe. ehehe. but ive seen similar zuvaabu in India though not this advanced. and here is an interesting zuvaabu from Muhammaa kalo’s ‘Bunyey bunyey’. i dont find him funny at all but i kinda liked that one; based on a real story from his island (ihavandhoo).
— Moyameehaa
Gayom revoked Nasir’s ‘Kilege’ title and a stone in the Male’ international airport -which stated that airport was officially opened by Ibrahim Nasir- was thrown in to the sea, and was later replaced with something about Gayom reopening the airport. The prison where Gayom was allegedly tortured was destroyed and made in to the Biggest mosque in country and the center for brainwashing the people with the new version of Islam Gayom brought from Egypt. The hero of Maldives’ independence was pushed aside and on independence days we hear only the semi- mythical holy jihad tales from olden days . Gayom often make sure he does not to even mention Nasir’s name in his speeches.

No matter how jealous Gayom is with Nasir, or how much he hates him; history will have lot more good things to say about Nasir than about Gayom. Not that he did not do anything bad, but he is actually the father of modernization and development in Maldives, he laid the foundations of almost everything gayom failed to develop. Maybe that is why Zaeem hate him. Because he did everything Zaeem could have done (and take exaggerated credit along with titles and awards) if it wasn’t already done.

Now we are seeing the same kind of thing against Gayyoom. But still (being civilized maybe?) i think we are unable to top Gayyoom and his reformists in that. DO lava party is nothing compared to the auguraana, death threats..etc in those songs. Koto is nothing when compared to those cartoons. Demonstrations of that caliber have never been held against Gayom. But it is said that ‘history repeats itself’. Lets just hope it stops repeating from the point a new government is formed.Coz we don’t want another golhaa.
— Moyameehaa
its a lil late maybe. but i just wanted to congratulate all of us on this historical occasion of kicking out a brutal dictator who ruled over us -with extreme power, in which ever manner he wished- for 30 consecutive years. yup, i may have a problem with my short term memory and i maybe insane. but i still mean all that. father of democracy? oh puleeeez, he is the same gayoom. we maybe in ‘aneh dhivehi raajje’ but that does not change facts (is the world flat now? Duh), or is everything upside down in aneh Dhivehi raaje?).

I really liked and is happy for and am proud of the example of democracy, maldivian people and leaders have shown in this election. how Anni and Gayoom adressed the people and how Anni did not want revenge or how gayoom have been offered security and pension. I do like the fact that Gayoom decided to stay with us. i believe in goodness in humans. I dint know what to say after watching that on TVM. i never saw that coming.Gayoom accepting defeat and Anni not taking things personally, how the people united against gayoom, how the people used the power of the ballot to achieve this, how peacefully they did this...everything is amazing and i am very very happy to see this day turning out like this

..........But still the facts will remain as they are. A theif will never say he is a thief (especially when he is a very good liar). This is not a matter of Anni’s personal feelings towards Gayom. This has nothing to do with how humble he is. Do something else to prove that (try forgiving gayoom for your personal sufferings). Only the people can forgive Gayoom. This is just like Gayoom forgiving his brother in law and putting him back in the cabinet (and we forgot that too) or how he forgive dangerous criminals as afuaamu, to show that he is ‘ghafoor-ur-raheem’. How could he?, when those money belong to Maldivian people.

I may not be very religious, but i do knowhow these kinda stuff work with God.... God have forbidden forgiving of this sort for himself. Things God can not (by his own will) forgive include; taking away the rights of other people, or harming another person unjustly. So inorder to get in to paradise, these people should be forgiven by their victims. Or another deal is to transfer their good deeds to the victim’s account (if the sinner is out of credit, then he should transfer bad deeds from the victim’s account and suffer for those).naaeeees.

my point is; that it is a good thing...something we can be proud of..that Gayoom is still with us, that he is safe and is being given all his rights and all the credit he deserve (if nothing else, it could make him feel reallybad inside maybe.heehee.). But stuff he does not deserve (like saying he brought democracy to maldives) should not be given, and justice should be served. we’ve got a lot of cleaning up (the mess he made) to do and a lot of rebuilding to do, i understand. but we should never forget the facts and the truth.

once again i congratulate the people of maldives, the opposition leaders, Anni, and Gayom for being so civilised and showing that good example of democracy.this is a happy moment.a turning point.a new dawn.a beginning, not an end.

and to keep a record;

The Reformists: 54.21% (97,222 votes)

The Dictator: 45.79 (82,121 votes)

Invalid Votes: 1,861 (dumbasses!)

Eligible Voters: 209,294

Turn Out: 86.08%

note: i am still alive, i am just away from my blog and the blogosphere for many reasons. and btw, would dhohokko be peeping down from heaven, and saying ‘ah, there you go’....anywayz i dedicate this post to him.
— Moyameehaa

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