Bit of a progress report on the Sinking Streets book

Bit of a progress report on the Sinking Streets book

I've got the basic layout down and I have a fairly good idea of what the finished product is going to look like. So far the book is divided into 6 chapters (the titles might change) which are:

01 - The Concrete Isle

02 - Inner-city Doorways

03 - The Trade Capital

04 - The Swimming Track & Artificial Beach

05 - Raalhugandu

06 - The Seawall

With these chapters / sections I aim to show what life in Male' City was like from 2007-2013; with the majority of the photographs being from 2007-2009. I am writing from the perspective of this being a historical document. Something to look back on when the Maldives, and Male' City, is long gone.

I am hoping the book to be done by July of this year. This gives me about a hundred more days. So far I've got almost 200 photographs divided up into the 6 chapters. The plan is to have some text, at least a short paragraph, for each one of these photographs. This will bring the total pages in the book to almost 400. I have not yet decided on a price, but I think I will go with a dual release; with a lower resolution copy being a free download. 

Needless to say I've got my work cut out for me. I hope I will be able to finish it in time. Going through all these photographs feels like I'm finally about to close the book on the first chapter of my life's work.

2017 Update: The book has increased dramatically in scope since I began the project and has been delayed indefinitely. I do not want to rush this and want to get it right.