Tassie Benches Project

A project to map and document the sights and sounds from the various lovely benches around Tasmania. Each video plays for 15 minutes in real time and has stereo audio to properly impart a sense of place. The goal is to create a meditative experience while also documenting the time and place as it existed within the moment. I recommend listening with headphones. 

  • A list of benches can be accessed by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the interactive map below. 
  • To see the view from each bench, click on the markers and then the thumbnails that are associated with them.
  • To move around the map, tap and hold with two fingers or click, and then drag.
  • To zoom in and out, pinch with two fingers or use the scroll wheel.
  • To make the map larger, use the button on the top right corner. 

I give to you, in these chaotic times, the simple pleasure of sitting on a bench. 

Current bench count: 08 [Updated 12th November 2017]

Playlist Version:


July 28th 2017 - Added Near the Casino in Sandy Bay looking at the yachts
August 4th 2017 - Added Derwentwater Beach Reserve
August 6th 2017 - Added Looking at Kunanyi from the track heading to the summit of Herringback. Seems like the Nikon D7100 struggles to show high detail in wide angles. Lots of leaves and wind seems to degrade the quality. Seems to be because of the low data rate at which the D7100 records video (24Mbps). 
August 15th 2017 - Added Start of the Kaoota Tramway Track
October 1st 2017 - Added Halfway to Snug Falls. The data rate problem is confirmed. 
November 3rd 2017 - Added Marieville Esplanade. Switched to a GoPro Hero6 Black. The increased data rate seems to have fixed the problems. Much higher video quality at wide angles overall compared to the D7100. 
November 5th 2017 - Added Styx River (Near the Big Tree Reserve) - Learning how to get the best quality out of the GoPro Hero6. Seems like setting the white balance to a fixed value rather than auto might be a good idea. Also seems like fixing the ISO to 100 might be better than having it in the range from 100-400 as I have had in this video. It seems to struggle in situations where a high dynamic range is required. I wonder if it would be possible to get a graduated ND filter. Going to shoot and upload in 4k 30fps from now on. 
November 12th 2017 - Added Tasman Arch Lookout