Maldivian Myths by Hasan Ahmed Manik [ Retyped PDF / MOBI / EPUB / DOCX ]

An amazing collection of stories, monsters and details of Maldivian magic presented in alphabetical order by the great Hasan Ahmed Manik. 

Baa Atoll Eydhafushi, Maldives, 2013. 

Baa Atoll Eydhafushi, Maldives, 2013. 

This is a retype of the scanned upload at:

I initially just wanted to read it on my kindle but straight OCR wouldn’t work, so I just typed the entire thing into a word document. I figured it would be a good way to read it too. 

The document is now fully searchable and re-flow compatible. I hope it is useful for both Maldivians and foreigners alike who have a passion for Dhivehi culture. Note that it is still missing the intro chapter. 

For full compatibility with mobile devices, I recommend using the MOBI or EPUB instead of PDF. I’ve also included the DOCX file too so that it will be more accessible for future uses. 

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The foundation of this book and most of the myths are derived from the ethnographic notes of Xavier Romero-Frias; who was not given credit in the book itself at the time of publication (along with the other sources). 

Xavier says that the majority of his notes were in turn collected after long conversations with Magiedhuruge Ibrahim Didi of Fua Mulaku and note that Ibrahim Didi deserves credit as a source for Hasan's book. He also says that he was friends with both of them and that the lack of acknowledgement etc were more or less a result of people at the time having no clear idea on how to handle sources and copyright etc.

Magiedhuruge Ibrahim Didi of Fua Mulaku     [Image via Xavier Romero-Frias]                                                                    

Magiedhuruge Ibrahim Didi of Fua Mulaku [Image via Xavier Romero-Frias]