25 photographs from 25 Maldivian artists who inspire me

These are all photographers who have taken photographs that have haunted my subconsciousness. Photographs that I'd recognize instantly as being from the mind of these creators, photographs that make your mind gasp and your heart think; and of these they have many. As such choosing a photograph for each artist that truly encapsulates the spirit of their work was a difficult task to say the least.

I went through each of their portfolios, searching for that one shot that truly speaks for itself, an image that would stand the test of time, the crystallization of a moment so imbued with their personal style that they could only have been taken by the unique consciousness of that photographer; an  image that hundreds of years from now humans or other sentient beings will look back with wonder at the seeming impossibility of the such a synchronistic event even occurring. For some people it took almost an hour, for others it was as easy as finding a particular image that I remembered seeing earlier and seeing if it held up to the memory. Either way I'm glad I'm doing this now instead of a few years down the road when I'm sure these people will have so many great photographs that picking just one would be insanity inducing. 

So in no particular order, here are 25 photographs from 25 Maldivian artists who inspire me.  



Aznym Adam 

Refty Ahmed

Nazaal Shiyam


Ali Samaahy

Nash'ath Mohamed

Ashwa Faheem

Hassan Najmy


Munshid Mohammed  

Mo Manal

Thal ath

Mahin Fayaz

Munish Athif

Maa Nasih

Shifaan Thoufeequ

Mohamed Seeneen 

Hamza Hassan

Ibrahim Iujaz


Asneem Adam

Ahmed Zahid

Bucky Hussain