Three Classic Maldivian Music Videos That Totally Don't Normalise Street Harassment

Street harassment is a huge issue in the Maldives. Many women share stories about how they get harassed almost every single day while just walking to work. This has led to many social movements, such as #Nufoshey (don't harass).

The Maldivian entertainment industry has historically led the charge against harassment, responding to this atmosphere of fear by creating some groundbreaking music videos that both shocked and enlightened, dramatically reducing the incidence of street harassment in their wake. Here are three shining examples. 

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Dhivehi Artists worth following on Instagram

This is a list of exceptional Maldivian / Dhivehi artists to follow on instagram. I've limited the list to artists with public accounts. Each artist chosen adds something unique to the landscape of Maldivian art. Some are professional artists, others are the kind of people who occasionally produce work that is so incredible that it makes you wish they were. I have tried to pick a piece that represents each ones style; although in the case of some artists this is more difficult than the others as they are so versatile. They are presented in no particular order. 

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The Greatest Maldivian Visual Artists of the 21st Century

This is a list of Maldivian artists whose work deserve more recognition. I consider all of these people to be living legends. The importance of their work will only be seen in the years to come. 

I decided to create this list as there is a severe lack of introspection among the Maldivian art community. We are always looking outwards for inspiration when there is so much good work being put out amongst ourselves. 

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