State of #ProjectBokkuraa as of July 31st 2019

A devlog for game I'm working on. It is being developed using Unity 2019.

This play through demonstrates the basic tutorial level. Our protagonist (Haa) has to find some coconuts and tuna for their older brother Shaviyani. Over the course of the game, Haa will travel south from their home in Maliku to the capital Male’ in an adventure that will span the length of the Maldives atolls. Or as best as I can approximate as a 2D pixel art side scrolling sub-marining fish em’ up anyways.

As you can see I’ve still got a really long way to go. However it feels really good even getting this much accomplished as this is by far the most complicated thing I’ve ever worked on with Unity or even game development wise in general.

All of the sounds are just place holder for now and were created with Bfxr.

All of the pixel art was created by myself using Pixaki on an iPad. You can see some of the assets I’ve created so far below.