Three Classic Maldivian Music Videos That Totally Don't Normalise Street Harassment

Street harassment is a huge issue in the Maldives. Many women share stories about how they get harassed almost every single day while just walking to work. This has led to many social movements, such as #Nufoshey (don't harass).

The Maldivian entertainment industry has historically led the charge against harassment, responding to this atmosphere of fear by creating some groundbreaking music videos that both shocked and enlightened, dramatically reducing the incidence of street harassment in their wake. Here are three shining examples. This was initially meant to be a list of ten but my poor brain can only handle so much. 

1. Farivefa Fonivefa (Dolled up and prideful)

This timeless classic of Maldivian media stars Reeko Moosa and Mariyam Nisha. The cheery chorus goes "Farifeva fonivefa dhaathee govaa hivvey, ekeega hingaa hivvey" (I want to call out to you as you pass by all dolled up and prideful, I want to walk with you), "Nuruhifa hure' mi dhimaa thibalaalee hey? Varrah aillaa hivvey" (Did you glance in my direction disapprovingly? I really want to touch you).  

Reeko plays a pilot who takes work place harassment very seriously. 

So seriously that he works multiple jobs just to keep up his daily quota. 

Reeko demonstrates how people used to slide into DMs before twitter. 

Observe how the alpha male clings to his target like a great cologne.  

I wonder how Nisha keeps recognising this master of disguise. Maybe its the hair. 

Reeko finally corners his prey on a dhoni. As they head off into the blue yonder, he can rest easy knowing that for her the only escape would be to jump overboard. 

2. Jaaney Dhoove' Jaan

The chorus of this gem is pretty hard to translate. It goes something like "jaaney dhoove' jaan, heeleemaa vaa gurubaan", which roughly translates to something like "I might loose my soul, a sacrifice/devotion (for thee) when you smile". The reason for this might be because the song, like most Dhivehi songs pumped out by the industry, is a "copy song" where Dhivehi lyrics are made to fit into an existing song, which in this case is the classic "Jaanu meri jaan". Even the video tries to copy the plot of the original. Just think of this as the dollar store version made by the high class yokels of the Indian Ocean. 

The story begins with the wholesome premise of women running away from men. 

In an interview with Variety, esteemed director Christopher Nolan said that this scene was the inspiration for Dunkirk (2017). 

Who is this guy? Why is he in this video? We may never know. Perhaps there is a creepy old background perv quota that the industry has to maintain. Political correctness gone mad amirite. 

Meanwhile, the battle continues along the shoreline. 

As hostilities rage on into the night, a kind of Stockholm syndrome appears to set in. 

Totally brainwashed by their relentless charm, the women now begin courting the men; all while Pervatron spies lustfully from a nearby ship. The guys of course play it cool, as if they hadn't spent most of the day hurling these women around like rag dolls. 

Alls well that ends well, as our heroes dance away into the night with their new partners. 

3. Jaadhoogar (Magician/Sorcerer) 

This time the whole crew is in on the action, frolicking along with our hero as he makes his dream girl wonder why she ever bothers leaving the house in the first place. 

The chorus goes "Gasthugaa dhaanamey geydhoshun jaadhoogar" (The magician will purposely go by your house). Well at least this shit isn't happening by accident!

This video isn't all bad though. Observe one of our heroes as he saves a poor lady who wandered into the middle of the road, after her harassment addled brain made her think she was a motor vehicle. 

You've gotta wonder what it would be like to watch one of these things being directed. "No! You don't look annoyed enough! Now again, with more venom!". Could this be the manifestation of some kind of fetish? 

The safe word is "Zuleyhaa".

Our mage must have levelled up his charisma, because his love spell suddenly seems to start working. See guys, persistence does pay off!

The song ends with Mr. Big Wheels not getting lucky like the rest of his posse. Guess he should have harassed her just a little bit more.