Maldives twitter last week #1

Here are some interesting things Maldivians talked about on twitter last week. A long term collection could be very useful for reflection and analysis. 


1. @reallynattu creates satirical voting app 

An English translation: 

The top text reads "Voteapp". Next to it is a drop down menu that says "Presidential election". 

Below that the title says "Candidates". Below this the same portrait of current president Abdulla Yameen is displayed five times in a row, giving the voter a wide range of candidates to vote for. 

Below this is the presidents full name, "Yameen Abdul Gayoom". The president doesn't use this version in his campaigning or current activities perhaps to distant himself from his brother Maumoon. Next to this the text reads "The driving force behind the progress that the Maldives is experiencing". 

After this is a section where the voter decides what kind of reward they want for voting. They are given a choice of money (from well wishers), employment (a coordinator position), or a flat from Hulhumale'. In the mockup the voter has chosen money, and the options for collecting it (deposit, cheque, or a letter delivered to your residence) are below. As the voter has selected the first option, a field to enter their account number and reward amount sits next to the Bank of Maldives and Maldives Islamic Bank logos. 

At the very bottom the text reads "press to vote", with the subtext "I swear to god that I won't change my vote". The word used for "my" is "alhugandu", a relic of the Maldivian caste system, which is the self depreciating word one must use for oneself when talking to someone who demands respect; whether it be your elders, a teacher, or certain dictators. The literal translation of "alhu" is slave. 


2. @paperclippenny and @legacyofpain attend mandatory marriage classes 

Marie seems to be one of their tutors. 

A word for genitals in Dhivehi is "ladhuvethi gunavan", literally "shameful organ". 

"gatu" is the Maldivian slang version of "having the guts". The response is to a question basically asking why women weren’t being “gut” 365 days a year. 

The headline reads: Occupysaihotaa: Women (go) to the tea houses! (sai = tea, hotaa = hotel). 

4. Some men aren't too happy about it 

English translation: "There is no escape, there is only so much that tea house managers will take. (We've?) run out of a months supply just because of one visit!

Peeing in a bottle: Man’s greatest achievement?

This is the best that Salafi propagandist Siru “Arts” could come up with to mock the #OccupySaiHotaa movement.

The black text on top reads: 
"This year the women's groups went to the tea houses
next year (they'll go) fishing"

The red bottom text reads:
“Next year - trying to pee into a thola bottle far away without utilising any devices”

On the bottom left the silhouette peeing is labeled "men" and the female rage comic face is lablled "women". 


5. Maldives celebrates International Women's Day 2018

6. Maldives telecom company Dhiraagu gives police full access to opposition activist @Thayyib's SIM

More next week!