Maldives twitter last week #5

Here are some interesting things Maldivians talked about on twitter last week. 

1. The fashion police got shut down 

2. Artefacts from Maldives rock and roll past emerge 

Rough translation: "It's Mumin with Mohamed from 20th Century BC"

3. Maldives changes development goals from Singapore to Tokyo to Switzerland

The headline reads: "There is no reason for the Maldives not to become (like?) Switzerland". 

4. Some students experience the ocean for the first time

Rough translation: "Because I'm someone that doesn't know how to swim, at first I thought this would be something that I would be incapable of doing. I thought the depths of the ocean would be quite scary. But the instructors were really helpful and held onto us the entire time. It was really satisfying when we got to the reef. I didn't feel scared at all. It turned out to be really fun. I didn't even feel like getting out after a while. I dived down a little myself too."

5. Disturbing news about a pending rape trial 

6. Some creep kept asking a woman to scratch their groin 

7. An aerial photograph of Male' showed its greener past 

8. The creations of an old Maldivian jeweler 

9. Beautiful images of a Maldivian island covered in mangrove forests 

10. A road in Maliku (Minicoy) shows what Maldivian roads used to be like before Amin's "modernisation" efforts

Rough translation: "A road in Maliku. The roads in Maliku are what the roads used to look like before Amin Didi straigtened them. Similar to Naifaru."

11. An image shows Maldivian woman collecting water for agriculture 

12. A twitter Sheikh warned of the dangers of Satan when giving someone a lift 

Rough translation: "“A good WOMAN would never get on the back of a motorbike driven by an unmarried MAN. I don’t care how pure you say your heart is. Satan isn’t going to give warning when he appears between them. He isn’t going to ask for permission!”

13. In the capital, another tree bites the dust 

14. Maldivian customs confiscated a buddha to never return it again 

15. The motorbike infestation of Male' continues

Rough translation: "I'm here to pick up my kids too. How am I supposed to get my motorbike out? I should drive it straight over this huh. Wouldn't hurt to pay a bit more attention."

16. A time when most people in Male' rode bicycles