Maldives twitter last week #4

Here are some interesting things Maldivians talked about on twitter last week. 

1. Space Parade released a new comedy sketch 

2. A new spin on rape

3. A young Maldivian scientist at #SciTechMv2018

4. A Maldivian engineer pledged to gave up bottled water

5. Pizza Hut opened its first store in the Maldives, an opportunity that local politicians were quick to take advantage of

6. A government company apologised for the "oversight" of having a smaller prize for the Women's Champions of a futsal cup 

7. Local minister claimed that he would develop the Maldives "like Tokyo", which drew widespread ridicule 

Rough translation: "First people should develop (themselves). We should (start) fining people who litter. Not just put (traffic) stickers on motorbikes. Tokyo my foot" 

Rough translation: "On Tokyo's roads are Tokyo's police, who are in front of Tokyo's IGMH (local hospital) tirelessly collecting money for Tokyo's government coordinators."

Rough translation: "What used to be Lonuziyaarai' magu". 

8. The people of Noonu Atoll Landhoo protested about their electricity service 

Rough translation: "N. Landhoo is in total darkness. The citizens are protesting. They are questioning whether their electricity bill will be reduced by getting rid of their electricity entirely"

9. 888 days passed since former rock star VP Adeeb was incarcerated. Photos show a totally different looking man.   

10. A woman shared examples of hate messages received by her non Muslim friend's teenage sister

11. The Maldives police used blasphemy laws against local NGO head Shahindha Ismail, alleging she is creating religious discord on twitter 

12. Images showed severe coastal erosion in Vaavu Atoll Fulidhoo