Maldives twitter last week #6

Here are some interesting things Maldivians talked about on twitter last week. 

1. People celebrated Yameen Rasheed's Birthday 

2. A turtle was freed from a net

3. An old Male' City jail 

4. Moyameeha's killers still walk free

5. A Hithadhoo road with a canopy of beautiful trees 

6. One of the only coral islands with a healthy Avicennia mangrove forest 

7. "Despite everything it feels like we have done too little."

8. A private museum full of Maldivian antiques 

9. A taro field 

10. RIP another tree

11. @maaanihu starts #36DaysofThaana 

12. Women & Democracy launch their Gender Equality Manifesto 

13. An old Brish newspaper article about the Maldives' first republic under Mohamed Amin Didi 

14. A woven mat from 1899

15. Cancer causing areca / betel nuts at a health event

16. A handy chart showing the origins of Thaana characters

17. Volunteers clean up an island

18. Mobility for people living on rural islands continues to decrease 

19. Dancing as a part of Maldivian culture  

20. A roadside garden 

21. Yaamin Rasheed's family and friends continue their quest for justice 

22. Moyameeha's family do the same 

This will be the last one for a while. On top of a lot of other things, I need to work more on finishing Sinking Streets. The more I write about Male' the more it feels like I am drawing out some poison. I do not want to feel like this forever. At the same time it is not easy saying goodbye. You can read the first chapter here.