Maldives twitter last week #2

Here are some interesting things Maldivians talked about on twitter last week. 

1. There was some pretty blatant racism towards Chinese people 

A rough translation of the tweet: "Chinese are abhorrent things"
The text on the image says: "China-Maldives friendship pissing". "Goru" is a dirty way of saying urine in Dhivehi. "Goruhendun" is pissing. 

Rough translation: "they are the most jungle like, most animal mob to look like humans on this earth". 

2. More than 18 million MVR worth of funds meant for the Rohingya went missing

Translation: "Couldn't find out what happened to the Rohingya fund"

Translation: "Kept the Rohingya funds safe for god and country huh"

3. The Parliament Member for Velidhoo tells an opposition activist to "f*ck a duck"

The tweet he is responding to asks whether the MP's cafe' was shut down because he is planning on marrying President Yameen's former daughter in law (?), and that he often sees them together in Hulhumale'. Some help with the translation for this one would be appreciated. Some things just don't translate well to English. 

4. Vegetation was cleared from Kulhudhufushi

"lha" means young, "kudhin" means children. 

5. A new symbol of protest against President Yameen gains traction

6. Someone sharing their experience of street harassment gets harassed

7. The MV Twittersphere mourns Stephen Hawking's passing

8. Some people weren't too happy about it

Rough translation: 
" - May (the lord) gift the Muslims who say that Stephen Hawking is an educated man with the ability to think rationally
  Stephen Hawking did not believe in the existence of a god and died an infidel
  So where is his thought and rationality?"

Rough translation:

"Well wishes for Stephen Hawking is a sin
Infidels don't pass away, they die
Insults Allah, when children in Syria die people don't care at all, but when this infidel dies everyone goes nuts"

9. A conversation between an extremist and a reasonable person 

10. Maldivian women discuss the marriage trap

11. Dunya Maumoon, daughter of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, quotes MLK

Rough translation: "It was your father who kept us raajjethere' people in a state of poverty. Regards to Martin Luther. By the way, he is from the US equivalent of raajjethere'." 
Raajjethere' is a word used to refer to all other islands other than the capital Male'. It is kind of similar to the Maldivian word for the country side or regional areas. It is often used in a deregoratory way by people from Male' City who feel that they are superior. 

12. Countless people arrested as protests against Abdulla Yameen's regime raged on 


This tweet sarcastically says that these are the weapons found at a protest site. 

Rough translation: "No escape even if you're just at your own home!"

13. A lawyer points out some suspicious activity on her clients phone 

14. Maldives Police find a suspicious sound recorder

Rough translation: "We are investigating a matter that was raised with us regarding a sound recorder discovered in a room where a meeting with a lawyer and someone under custody occurred." Yup, dhivehi sentences can be quite long. 

This tweet makes fun of Maldivian Police's continuing tendency to suddenly find incriminating evidence against political targets whenever they need to. 
Rough translation: 
"From under the pillow the pistol, 
from under the bed sheet the pen-drive, 
from under the mattress money, 
from under the bed the black box, 

Most recently, 

From under the chair a recorder, 
from under the car packets of pepper water, 
I'm struggling to keep my legs together out of shame"

15. There was some intense drama regarding accusations against opposition activist Naeematha

16. Maldivian MP Ahmed Nihan repeats hateful "100% Muslim" anti-diversity myth in rebuttal of EU Parliament resolution 

16. Tales of Faris Maumoon's continued suffering under police custody