Maldives twitter last week #3

Here are some interesting things Maldivians talked about on twitter last week. 

1. Former First Lady Nasreena Ibrahim wowed the nation by speaking out about her husbands arrest 

It is rare to hear her talk, even back during when her husband Maumoon was ruling the Maldives for 30 years straight.

2. Naturally this prompted someone to attack her for not wearing the hijab (among other things)

A rough translation: "Are you truly on the righteous path when you and your two daughters do your eye brows, dye your hair black, and don't even wear the hijab?"

3. Before and after image showed extreme deforestation on Maldivian islands


4. President Yameen lifted the State of Emergency


5. Symbolic records released Oyaa by Pest

6. Goidhoo School from Baa Atoll held a bicycle rally 

7. A trash thread

8. Opposition activist Bardrudeen was released from police custody

9. High praise continues for "Master Plumber" Muizzu, the Minister of Housing & Infrastructure 

10. The yo mama scam

"Kaley amaa" is a popular insult meaning "Your mother". It is usually followed by another expletive. A particular nasty variant being "Kaley amaa fui!" which roughly translates to "Your mother's c*nt!". Interestingly enough, this isn't even the worst that insult gets; with the most complete version being "Kaley amaa fui fada boey!" (Drink your mothers c*nt juices!). The more you know!

11. Maldives is home to some of the worlds most beautiful (and most threatened) mangroves

12. @Zara_Fayaz draws legendary local politician Eva Abdulla 

13. Another tree is felled 

14. A snow dome replaced a historic mosque 

15. People mourn the sudden death of Abdulla Naail 

16. A hypothetical question about a female Maldivian President attracted religious conservatives like flies 

17. A Salafi preacher got all worked up about the growing movement to eliminate the tax on feminine hygiene products